Saturday, 30 June 2018

Andy Griffiths

Andy Griffiths

If you’re looking for an author to hook in a reluctant reader, Andy Griffith is worth checking out.

Most recently his Treehouse series has been a huge hit. And rightly so. As his Treehouse soars from a 13 to a 104-storey construction it seems there is no stopping it; nor the popularity of the series.
Griffiths collaboration with illustrator Terry Denton is the icing on the cake. His quirky illustrations complement the text and are equally appealing. It’s the perfect partnership.
While Andy continues to delight us with a steady supply of new material, let’s not forget his earlier work. His “Just” series is ideal for kids who struggle to concentrate on reading an entire book. Each story, hilariously illustrated by the talented Denton, is around 12 pages of laugh out loud fun.
Like it or not, “toilet humour” has a following and Andy Griffiths is a master of this genre. We can’t forget his “Bum” series and with titles like “The day my bum went psycho”. Who wouldn’t be tempted to see how it all turns out?

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