Dunbar by Edward St Aubyn (King Lear)

The Hogarth Shakespeare series recreates Shakespeare's plays as current day novels, edgy, topical and not the Shakespeare we knew at school.
Dunbar is in trouble, his financial and personal safety under threat from his daughter Abby and Megan, From a care home in the Lake Districts he plots to escape, succeeding only to be lost in a winter wilderness and a internal mental wilderness. Can Florence, his loyal youngest daughter save him?
If you know the play you know the ending but this novel keeps you wanting to see how it works out regardless. The writing is compelling and provides insights into the human condition of old age, human frailty, family, madness, power and forgiveness.

Other books in this series
Vinegar girl : the taming of the shrew retold by Anne Tyler (The taming of the shrew)
Hag-seed : the Tempest retold by Margaret Atwood (The tempest)
The gap of time by Jeanette Winterson (Winters tale)
Shylock is my name by Howard Jacobson (The merchant of Venice)
New Boy by Tracey Chevalier (Othello)
Macbeth by Jo Nesbo (Macbeth)


  1. I've read them all, looking forward to the one by Jo Nesbo.


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