Munich by Robert Harris

The peace talks and treaty that led into WW11 are the setting for this book. Hugh Legat (private secretary to Chambelin) and Paul Hartman (a German diplomat and translator are the tellers of this tale. They were friends at oxford and re-meet 6 years later under the shadow of possible war, at the Munich 1938 peace talks.
As events un-fold over 4 days we get to know characters their lives, their loves, beliefs and history of those negotiations. Using newly released information we learn what the population did not know in 1938 about the chekoslvakia situation, and its main protagonists Chambelin, Hitler and their advisors.
Sounds a bit heavy going?
It’s fast paced, you want to keep reading as with Robert Harris’ concise yet powerful language he conveys moods and actions with a clarity that involves you in the story and keeps you enthralled.

Some of Robert Harris other books deal with just as fascinating topics, the election of a modern day pope, Stalin, Marcus Cicero and Pompeii.

Rating 10/10

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  1. I loved his "Conclave" book about selecting a pope in our modern world.


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