A column of fire by Ken Follett

I was worried, since this is the third in the Kingsbridge Series (Pillars of the Earth and World without End being one and two respectively) that I would be completely lost with characters’ names and even plot. I need not have feared however as this book was set in the same imaginary town of Kingsbridge, but set 200 years later in the 16th Century. Follett did an amazing job of personalising a story set at a fascinating time in English history, when Elizabeth I came to the throne and there was strong religious conflict right across Europe between Catholics and Protestants. Being a modern reader I googled Kingsbridge Cathedral and discovered that though it was imaginary, Follett had the awe inspiring Wells and Salisbury Cathedrals in mind when he wrote the book.

Ken Follet's "Century trilogy" that cover the fates of 5 families across the world through social changes and wars from 1911 till 1967. An fascinating picture of the modern world unfolding through the eyes of 5 very different families.