Presently an attorney in private practice, Pam Jenoff served as Vice-Consul for the U.S. State Department in Krakow, Poland, and as the special assistant to the secretary of the army at the Pentagon. She is an expert on Poland and the Holocaust, and has published several scholarly articles and been honoured by a number of organizations for her work in this field.

Book review posted from Taradale Read 'N' Chat

The winter guest by Pam Jenoff

18 year old Nowak twins Helena and Ruth raise their 3 younger siblings in Poland under Nazi occupation. Helena and Ruth are very different characters with different beliefs. Helena rescues an American  Jewish paratrooper Sam and develops feelings for him. Sam and Helena believe the family can escape. But who can you trust in such a time.
A great read, I have been going through her books available. Other members in Read 'N' Chat are enjoying the Pam Jenoff books at Taradale Library.

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